Property Tax Reviews

Tax filing requirements vary by state, county, and city. State Tax Group can help you avoid double taxation and claim available tax exemptions. We can help you gain greater control over complex real and personal property tax processes, including: personal property tax return outsourcing; property tax abatement procurement and compliance; real property assessment review and appeal; personal property and real estate tax refund recovery services

Regardless of the size of your company State Tax Group can effectively minimize your present and future tax liabilities on commercial real estate and business personal property, with 80 years’ of experience collectively among State Tax Group and their strategic partners property tax team members.

State Tax Group will provide:

  • Personal property rendition and compliance filings
  • Review of assessors proposed valuations
  • Property tax audit representation
  • Tax abatement/ exemption evaluation and application filing
  • Real Estate valuation and assessment analysis
  • Informal negotiation with assessing authorities
  • Formal appeal filings to local and state authorities
  • Property tax litigation management

State Tax Group has the experienced staff and tools necessary to deliver timely, accurate information regarding your property tax. Let State Tax Group be your provider for your property tax endeavor.

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