Business Incentives and Tax Credits

Many states and local jurisdictions are eager to retain businesses and attract new employers, so the supply of tax credits, cash grants, withholding-tax rebates, abatements, exemptions, financing, and other financial assistance offered by many states and local jurisdictions is abundant. Finding and taking advantage of these resources is another matter.

State Tax Group, LLC (STG) can help your companies unearth an expansive range of business incentives and tax credit opportunities to achieve cost savings on:

  • Planned acquisitions;
  • Facility consolidations;
  • Expansion, renovation, or rebuilding;
  • Business contractions and consolidations;
  • Increased employment levels;
  • Investments in training;
  • Research and development;
  • Post-acquisition rationalization that results in consolidation of facilities or functions; and
  • Sustainability or “green” initiatives (including renewable energy, recycling equipment, and pollution controls).

State Tax Group (STG) can help identify cost-reduction opportunities for your business initiative regarding location costs, government incentives, alternatives to traditional financing, construction cost containment, and credits and incentives. We also offer the following consulting services:

  • Site selection strategy: STG can assess the full range of supplier locations and customers, to address the needs of your company and identify potential new facility locations to consider.
  • Cross-state site-cost comparisons: Once the site list has been distilled, we can help compare work force availability, labor and benefits costs, transportation costs, utility costs, and overall net tax burden in each state. A net present-value analysis will assist your company with the important economic decision.
  • Multistate credit and refund analysis (MCRA): A strategic credit assessment can uncover opportunities to help increase cash flow and reduce operating costs by identifying prospective and retroactive statutory tax credits.
  • Discretionary tax incentives procurement: STG identifies incentive opportunities and can help you address the detailed conditions to apply and procure benefits when expanding, relocating, or consolidating.

State Tax Group works with organizations to procure specific discretionary credits and incentives and apply retroactively for statutory incentives that might have been overlooked; so that you are assured your company is receiving all the state and local business incentives it deserves.


State Tax Group, LLC must inform you that any advice in this communication to you was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, to avoid any government penalties that may be imposed on a taxpayer