Audit Representation and Defense

State Tax Group (STG) sales and use tax experts provides you with an experience tax professional team, as your preferred tax outsourcing providers we are an extension of your company.  STG will vigorously defend your interests from the beginning of the audit through the appeals process, seeking to minimize your potential audit liability. Our experienced tax practitioners’ distinctive approach produces credit opportunities. We work to ensure that every possible credit and exemption is applied against state audit assessments, including penalties and interest. Our experts will help to formulate the best sample procedures to protect your interest during tax audits. We will make sure that the states sampling methods comply with the Generally Accepted Auditing Principles (GAAP).

Through the audit management process we will do the following:

  • Formulating a pre-audit plan
  • Meeting with auditors to do discuss the audit planning and design
  • Review audit methodology and sampling procedures
  • Review audit work papers by verifying and conducting research regarding exception items.
  • Identify possible overpayments; tax paid error and any other possible refund issues.
  • Put together a letter for waiver request of penalty and interest noting  audit findings, taxpayers audit history etc.
  • Document and presenting all findings to the client and auditor.
  • Reconcile all unresolved issues regarding exception items.

State Tax Group has the experienced staff and tools necessary to deliver timely, accurate information regarding your audit management.

DISCLOSURE REQUIRED BY U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT CIRCULAR 230: State Tax Group, LLC must inform you that any advice in this communication to you was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, to avoid any government penalties that may be imposed on a taxpayer