Multi-State Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use tax regulations often form an intricate maze of complexity. For example, many states exempt companies from paying sales and use taxes on qualified purchases, while other states have reduced rates for these items. Automation can help your organization keep up with changing rules and rates. But software on its own won’t correct flawed internal processes or incorrect interpretation of existing tax law.

State Tax Group, LLC (STG) as your trusted advisor can help you integrate people, processes, and technology tools for greater sales and use tax control. Specifically, can help you:

  • Discover overpayment patterns and missed exemptions with a sales and use tax refund recovery study;
  • Apply for refunds of sales and use tax overpayment;
  • Adopt best practices to improve sales and use tax compliance and bring consistency to sales and use tax determinations;
  • Reduce internal processing time for determining taxability and tax rates;
  • Maximize sales and use tax exemptions;
  • Gain expert assistance with sales and use tax return preparation;
  • Minimize audit exposure, including penalties and interest; and
  • Forecast future sales and use tax expenses.

STG’s sales and use tax consulting and services can help you stay on top of sales and use tax processes and reduce your risk of noncompliance, audit, and penalties and interest. State and local tax (SALT) management represents one of the largest operating expenses for many companies. STG focuses on identifying sustainable SALT reductions to help you increase cash flow. STG has highly specialized sales and use tax professionals. Outsource your state and local tax needs

Audit Representation / Managed Audits – We will vigorously defend your interests from the beginning of the audit through the appeals process, seeking to minimize your potential audit liability. Our experienced tax practitioners’ distinctive approach produces credit opportunities. We work to ensure that every possible credit and exemption is applied against state audit assessments, including penalties and interest. – Our experts will help to formulate the best sample procedures to protect your interest during tax audits. We will make sure that the states sampling methods comply with the Generally Accepted Auditing Principles (GAAP).

Reverse Audits – A process in which we seek to identify and recover tax overpayments remitted to suppliers or filed directly as a self-assessment of use tax.

Sales and Use Tax Return Preparation (Compliance Reporting) – State Tax Group will file sales and use tax returns in a timely fashion on behalf of our clients.

Sales Tax Compliance Review – This review of your business record keeping and business operations is designed to determine if you are either underpaying or overpaying your sales and use tax liability. This review can help a company safe guard against potential future audit liabilities.

Nexus Study – The nexus study performed by our experts will enable clients to evaluate tax issues that are related to where and how the company operates.  The purpose of the nexus study is to analyze a company’s multistate commerce, compare the analysis with the tax requirements in each state, and provide alternative for minimizing tax liabilities. Our nexus study will verify the need for implementing policies to minimize tax liabilities and include recommendations regarding how to best achieve that goal.

Tax Refund Reviews – We will carefully examine purchasing transactions for potential tax refunds. After detailing your credits and over payments, our tax consultants will apply for a refund from the state on your behalf – before the state’s statute of limitations is effective.

Legal Research/ Written Opinion – When in doubt on issues of taxability and or areas of concern regarding your firms services our team will address any grey areas that may exist and provide you the answers in a timely manner.

Litigation Support – We provide litigation support in the form of an expert witness to assist in resolving tax controversies.

Tax Amnesty – Tax amnesty programs are administered  by local and state jurisdiction;  State Tax Group will assist  clients through the disclosure process to ensure maximum  results in reducing the overall tax liabilities as well as the abatements of penalties and interest.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements – If your company has not complied with sales tax law, our firm will negotiate with the taxing authority to limit the number of years on which tax will be assessed due to failure to collect and remit sales tax. Our firm will negotiate for the penalties and interest to be abated as we have successfully done for clients.

Educational Seminars and Training – We provide an array of training to sole proprietors and Fortune 500 companies. These state tax training courses are designed to help Taxpayers and other professionals correctly apply the various sales and use tax laws, regulations, interpretations, and audit methodologies to their respective business operations.

DISCLOSURE REQUIRED BY U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT CIRCULAR 230: State Tax Group, LLC must inform you that any advice in this communication to you was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, to avoid any government penalties that may be imposed on a taxpayer